Lake Como: Alps most beautiful lakes

Lake Como, northern Italy, one of the famous Alpine lakes, some famous international movie also many in the viewfinder.Lake Como very poetic rain, clouds shrouded, like fairyland, so called “old city of Lake Como and the dog.”

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Lake Como, northern Italy, one of the famous Alpine lakes, some famous international movie also many in the viewfinder. Lake Como very poetic rain, clouds shrouded, like fairyland, so called “old city of Lake Como and the dog.” Many European and American society to have a celebrity villa on Lake Como proud.

Lake Como resources to its climate and vegetation lush known for its warm, humid climate promotes lush growth of plants, some famous international movie also many in the viewfinder. Lake has some very historical and architectural value of the house, which is the most attractive place. 50 km northeast of Lake Como from Milan. Lake Como is located in a basin in the Alps, surrounded by several mountains and split the overall Y-shaped, is a narrow-shaped lake. Lake area of ​​145 square kilometers, an altitude of about 200 meters, the maximum depth of 410 meters. Lake on a sunny day is dark green, very attractive to the eye.


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A shore, you can see the local famous azaleas. Rain and humid air smells good, sitting on the shore in a daze is one of the essential travel pastime. In Europe, there will likely be encountered in the town of Lake elegant swan, swan or specially selected in Wonderland-like small town life, really envy ah!



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More than an hour to drive from Milan, Lake Como can be reached in the town of Bellagio. Quaint town, the lake clear. Here have a room with a view twelfth really lucky, because almost every room of the window frame is perfect proportions, the light sparkling clear lake to the front.


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Even in the scorching summer sun, but also the icy lake Como, probably because it comes from the Alpine snow all year round, and is one of Europe’s deepest lake. A BBC correspondent international counterparts, travel extensively for many years, is still confused by the bright Como lake, lay down their luggage could not help jumping into the water. Later, he said, if there is a lot all over the world, “beauty” in their windows overlooking how he could not stick in the “glass-like transparency and cold,” a small lake swim back and forth. After a few days, he has been using the “perfect sting” to describe Audition Lake Como left his feelings, this is really more relevant enough. Too beautiful scenery will sting our hearts, just as the sun will burn too gorgeous, like our eyes.

In fact, George. Lucas Director: When “Star Wars II Attack of the Clones”, Anakin and Amidala Skywalker put the initiation of love on location, choose a quiet picturesque Lake Como. Lucas probably think that this beautiful resort where he occasionally found, the actor let Anakin, Hayden first trip overseas. Christensen amazed, saying that “the United States was simply not true, or even as part of a natural part of the movie Star Wars,” the paradise on earth, even by many viewers mistakenly thought it was computer-generated scenes.

Lake People


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Lake Como loudest reputation, to the number of the Bellagio Hotel and Casino. This by hotel magnate StephenWynn cost $ 1.7 billion to build the casino, “the most romantic hotel” night of a thousand fountains sashay “Ballet Dancing Water”, said the idea is from the elegant views of Lake Como. The real Lake Como is restrained, even if the lake full of parked white luxury yacht, the sound of water gently pat the embankment is still graceful and elegant, without a shred of flashy atmosphere.


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If the lake to Lake Como with ethereal charm, then people was otherworldly lake lake adds just the right secular atmosphere. In the green hills and granite shore between navy blue lake, a small town built yard. Roman Empire, here is a good place for the nobility and celebrity artists rushed to build luxury villas. These styles of villas, many of which are designed by famous hands of different generations, and after several generations of illustrious family, between the mountains, with one of the best read after the bustling world of noble silence. Let F1 Michael Schumacher and Brad. Pitt, Kevin. Costner, Bruce. Springsteen tempted together, competing auction tall pine surround, Lenno quiet and elegant villas, the famous designer Ciacomo Mantegazza in 1926 to create the work.


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VIPs wealth and luxury as time goes by gradually dispersed, while those from traditional painting, sculpture and Eden-like qualities of classical elegance artistic heyday because of the age-old and even more mellow. Lake Como is the calendar year for the world’s most talented teenager International Piano Master Class held in place, but also the world’s most prestigious business mantra the company’s hometown of silk, it’s everything extremely delicate silk products.

Small town atmosphere


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Relative to the famous villa high above the big style, built around Lake Como town is the seat of a another round of lively scene. Bellagio is located in the middle of Lake Como, herringbone, near Lake Pro Mountain and built like a small mountain town located in the lake. Looked into the hillside along the lakeshore, a section of the stone path upward sequence extends on both sides of the road there are a variety of specialty shops selling traditional local handicrafts, colorful silk products, leather and bright colors colored glassware. Even those selling typical souvenirs to tourists passing by stalls, in such a transparent lake, seems to have less often exposed humble, but a lot of people feel kind and genial. In between there are numerous shops Bellagio walking through a wide variety of traditional craft products really attractive. I give myself to pick up a pair of sandals, a friend who scoffed see so ordinary shoes are brought back from Italy, Milan fashion it is far from simple or ornate, but the share from the family tradition of rustic handmade shoemaker Honesty and comfort, Que Shibi any fashion are more warm.


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Those stone house, a small hotel, on the balcony, leaning against the lazy vacationers, holding a glass of wine, a book or magazine, no one else; there are open-air cafes and restaurants, smell the rich aroma of coffee or cheese; flowers every household door stairs. A day in the afternoon to dusk, is the town’s most tumultuous times, the total tourists come from different places, or in town to spend a warm afternoon, or a boat on the lake and see the sights. If the weekend, vacation home from others around the city, will be far more than foreign tourists, says Milan, Lake Como is the back garden, that does not leave.

Morning town is very quiet. Standing at the end of the mountain town of stone road toward the lake looked fresh wind slowly blew away the mist lake, the lake is like a unique navy blue velvet as open in front of a clean street pavement stones from the shadows in a little exposed, shining golden light in the morning sun, the church bell tower, which is the tallest building in town, the bell rang a small bell lost no time, the bell very far, patchwork. Lake empty, deserted streets, half past nine scene, the whole Bellagio is only a small cafe open for business, the boss is a grinning old man, I heard from the distant east, they enthusiastically talk about four civilizations, temporary Walking gave me a few local postcard scenery, told me to be sure to remember to send a friend.


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The town was starry night with, in a small street walking, in addition to their footsteps, only the sound of the wind and the trees, and the sound of the lake shore. If it winds along the shores of several bars, a few tourists drink fun, outgoing bursts croon, really will produce the illusion of the Middle Ages.

Yes, this is Lake Como, it definitely will not be the starting point for your trip to Italy, it will not be the end of your trip. It’s just you go one stop to the most clear and transparent, like life in one of the few pure and beautiful, unforgettable.

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