Explore the secrets of Cappadocia

Cappadocia is an ancient kingdom in Turkey, and its rock formations is not only a natural wonder, for local residents, they are more is the number of years people survival shelter.
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Cappadocia is an ancient kingdom in Turkey, and its rock formations is not only a natural wonder, for local residents, they are more is the number of years people survival shelter. Countless bizarre towering peaks after another, carrying the nation’s life and history of local prosperity. Let us follow the United States, “Daily Beast,” to explore the secret lives together under this ancient natural wonders.

In central Turkey, an 35,000 square miles (about 90,000 square kilometers) of huge rock formations such as forest stands with the general, and in its intrinsic hidden little known to outsiders for centuries nation.

Cappadocia, Turkey this otherworldly place, full of locals called “fairy chimneys” – composed of soft rock towering peaks. This initial peaks in the region millions of years ago by the ash composition, and later through millennia of wind and rain, slowly forming a conical shape today. These narrow, mud-colored extension start to peak distance, can not seem to make people live. In fact, the region is one of the world’s largest burrowing group, containing ancient churches, modern restaurants and countless rich history.


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For thousands of years, local residents living in the rocky point where the tunnel opened, which is proof that time hiding, fleeing persecution skilled people for this process. 1800 BC, the Hittites first settled in this area. To the 4th century AD, the unique topography of the region makes the land occupied by its own self-contained community, which is obviously the bishop of Caesarea – Santa Basile command. Then, Christians seeking refuge from the Romans at, much later, the Muslim invaders in the rock layers found refuge and begin underground village and chimney style connectivity. It is said that when the invaders invasion, which Christians can fall from the chimney-like hole in the ground until the elimination of the risk of ground and underground. They built churches, warehouses, residential and safe passage.

Goreme in the Cappadocia region famous valley (G? Reme) witness these Christians who live here, the most obvious is the result of a thousand years of ups and downs survived fine on those cave walls and color colorful murals. After leaving Christians, Muslims have moved into the caves, murals on the sage eye blind draw, the mural scratched, leaving only themselves and open caves. But life in the cave murals are still regarded as one of the best examples of UNESCO after the anti-traditional Byzantine art.

Another popular area dubbed the “Pigeon Forge” because thousands of pigeons pecking on flexible rock cave nest. These pigeons along the village in terms of food, but also to the land of the villagers provide fertilizer. Now the pigeons are still settling in the chimney.


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In 1907, a French priest rediscovered Cappadocia, then many researchers into the area. In the past few years, “fairy chimneys” of the land of tourism began to flourish. Some Turkish residents still live in these mountains there, despite the area’s main town center Area have been to many restaurants, hotels and upscale hotel takeover.

But with the increase in tourist arrivals, tourism load weight gain, a local rock has been destroyed.Trampling hordes of tourists in the area, rock climbing delicate fragile structures, which resulted in a reduction Yanfeng damage and life. In 2010, preservationists discovered 22 Chapel frescoes diagram has been extremely undermined, and the urgent need to protect these murals protection.Japan’s generous government funding $ 1.2 million and the cause of protecting local mural to protect these most experienced and colorful rock mural thousand years of wind and rain baptism.

Nothing is the best way to watch Cappadocia, it is impossible at once thoroughly enjoy watching thousands of Cappadocia extended history and culture. Once Goreme open air museum tour is good, can lead you to explore the most impressive churches, in addition, many companies offer group strange Shi Yanfeng nearby horseback riding and hiking. But for those who want a list of more visitors spectacular panoramic views of Cappadocia, take a hot air balloon in the sky watching is a must, so that we can be the same as the concept of the lunar landscape of Cappadocia to see clearly.

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