Antarctic subglacial lakes to find out what microbes mean?

Scientists have found that the presence of microbial communities in Whillans Antarctic subglacial lakes beneath the ice, similar environments speculated extraterrestrial life objects may also exist, but scientists have questioned the results.

Antarctic subglacial lakes to find out what microbes mean

Scientists speculate that microbes may exist beneath Europa’s ice, and even higher organisms

According to foreign media reports, the scientists have in subglacial lakes beneath the Antarctic ice discovered a mysterious microbe, the news aroused the attention of NASA, this means that there is life in extreme environments, if the alien environment and the Earth Similar extreme environments, it may evolve life, but some researchers believe that this reasoning is incorrect, there is a complex microbial Antarctic environment and can not launch life may exist on other planets, because we ignore the body of water beneath the Antarctic ice exchange, the role of factors that could lead to the presence of subglacial lakes special recycling system, helps the existence of life.

Whillans subglacial lakes beneath the Antarctic ice found different types of microorganisms, which is located in a depth of 800 meters below the ice, apparently this is a dark, cold environment, the scientists found that these mysterious microbes can be obtained by rocks and other channels of energy sources It is very surprising. Researchers at the University of Bristol Martyn Tranter believe this result for the search for extraterrestrial life in terms of a larger mission to help, we can detect extraterrestrial objects similar environment, and its investigation, it is possible to find extraterrestrial life. Scientists believe that microbial communities found beneath the Antarctic ice to open a window, we can see that these organisms how to survive in extreme environments.

NASA Ames Research Center astrobiologist Chris McKay believes that this conclusion is controversial, we can find some samples outside the presence of water and water exchange, it said subglacial lakes is not a closed lake, If this is true, then the external factors subglacial lakes dark environment, ocean nutrients through a channel into the ice under the lake environment, meet the needs of micro-organisms to survive.

Similar environment, we can also find in the solar system, such as Jupiter’s moon Europa and Saturn’s moon Enceladus is also considered to have extreme ice environment, so scientists are trying to understand whether there are microbes on the planet. Not long ago, scientists discovered the existence of eruption plumes of Europa polar regions, if we can send probe flyby, you can get beneath the ice of environmental parameters, you can speculate whether life exists here. The mid-2020s, the European Space Agency and NASA plans to send probes to investigate them further to determine whether extraterrestrial life exists.

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