Scientists for the first time remote delivery “telepathy” Information

Brainwave sensor devices can be “telepathic” Control Helicopter and computer game characters, at present, this research has been further developed, sent to a colleague of a person living in France India can only use a brain wave information.

Scientists for the first time remote delivery telepathy Information

Scientists using EEG tracings helmet for the first time separated by a direct transfer of information between the 8046 km away from the two people brain.

According to foreign media reports, the brain wave sensing devices can “telepathy” Control Helicopter and computer game characters, at present, this research has been further developed, a person living in India, using only brain waves can send a message to France of a colleague.

The researchers used EEG tracings recorded helmet activate nerve cells in the brain wave activity, and “hola (hello)” and “ciao (Goodbye)” is converted into a binary word. EEG tracings instrument, the idea of ​​the brain associated with different current inputs a computer interface, after the computer analysis of these signals.

This latest study, published in the recent issue of “PLoS comprehensive” journal, the researchers decided to use another person’s brain to replace the computer interface to receive these signals.

In the initial tests, these Italian words a volunteer to send greetings from India Thiruvananthapuram Bertrand region to the northeast of Strasbourg, France, where a computer translation of these signals, the use of electrical stimulation to re-enter the recipient Among consciousness.

Such information as their vision a flashlight, a successive flash, so that the receiver can decode the information in the message. After the researchers conducted a similar experiment, successfully delivered two different locations testers thought the idea that they are located in Spain and France.

Second experiment showed that the total error rate of 15%, 5% occurred in the coding side, the decoding side 10% occurred. It is reported that this technology was developed by the University of Barcelona, ​​Spain, France Akers Bloom Robotics, Barcelona, ​​Spain, Harvard Medical School and co-star laboratory collaborative development.

The researchers point out that this is the first human “almost directly” to send information to each other through the brain, we expect a smooth computer system shortly the way to interact directly with the human brain response, and computer – the brain and the brain – the brain communicate.

Human – brain interactive technology has attracted the attention of scientists, this year in May, the German scientist experiments showed that seven pilots flying conscious control, and has amazing accuracy. This year in June, the American University of Oregon researchers have unveiled a device that claims to be able to near real-time monitoring of a person by thinking things.

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