Decoding tobacco substitutes benefits and risks

Under the premise of reasonable supervision, electronic cigarette might be a good thing; but it is clear that the current electronic cigarette is leading to a growing number of young people using nicotine, making them addicted to smoking.


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Under the premise of reasonable supervision, electronic cigarette might be a good thing; but it is clear that the current electronic cigarette is leading to a growing number of young people using nicotine, making them addicted to smoking.

In many ways, the modern electronic cigarette and its “predecessor” is not a big difference. It is called personal sprayer or electronic nicotine delivery system, may be the most devastating public health facilities in tobacco control researchers faced. Some people worry that there will be a continuation of the electronic cigarette smoking habit, undermine decades of tobacco prevention and control efforts.

Now, once united against tobacco organizations there is disagreement. Tobacco researcher at Boston University, Massachusetts Institute of Public Health, Dr. Michael Siegel, said: “This invention allows the tobacco control community polarize these two completely opposite extreme views almost no common ground..”

Both sides do not have enough evidence. Even when the evidence appears, they often fierce debate. Not only are researchers trying to understand this is being mass-produced goods factories, traditional tobacco companies are trying to enter this budding industry, and regulators are trying to find countermeasures against electronic cigarettes.

Some countries, such as Singapore and Brazil, has been completely ban tobacco products. United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has proposed, by the agency responsible for the management and control of electronic cigarettes, but the road has been plagued by regulatory litigation and delays and other issues.

May, the EU made a major decision to modify its member states control regulations of tobacco products, including electronic cigarette product standards and restrictions on advertising, but the new rules may take several years to take effect.

August 26, World Health Organization (WHO) released a report, it is recommended to limit the use of electronic cigarettes in the room, some flavors ban smoking electronic cigarette. The report will be further discussed in the October meeting, to decide in the framework of “Framework Convention on Tobacco Control” (requires the government to control tobacco and minimize its impact on the health of) how to control the electronic cigarette.

The main issues include the circulation of electronic cigarettes on the market what ingredients are contained and what impact on health. The researchers also worry what will the electronic cigarette users to abandon the traditional way of smoking or become a “double users.” Whether the electronic cigarette will become a way to increase tobacco use?

Siegel said scientists also need a lot of experiments to obtain data, but it is difficult to ensure that everyone agrees relevant results. “I do not know if science can end this controversy.”

Market requirements

For years researchers have been trying to nicotine intake and smoking were open, but most attempts have failed. The new invention could not attract consumers, for example, require a prescription from nicotine inhaler, thus limiting its use. Chinese forces in Korea 10 years ago, inventor invented the first modern electronic cigarette, much international acclaim. Han Li, Shenzhen smoke where the company has started to Korea invention into force intense commercial competition.

A study conducted by the San Diego, California, showed that in 2012, a total of 288 online electronic cigarette brands, many brands also owns a number of products. To January 2014, the number of electronic cigarette brands soared to 466, the equivalent of every month more than 10 electronic cigarette brands to emerge. Consumers are very popular electronic cigarette, electronic cigarette UK alone the number of consumers in just a few years grew from 0 to 2 million.

Such a rapid growth rate makes scientists and managers astonishment. Maryland, United States National Institute on Drug Abuse, deputy director Wilson Compton said: “I rapidly expanding market was shocked.”

Another reason to promote the rapid development of electronic cigarettes is constantly innovative products. Initially, the electronic cigarette and cigarette shape is almost, but now the electronic cigarette can be tailored for users distiller, consumers can spend hundreds of dollars for the distiller gold, you can also install software, everything is in order to meet consumer demand as the top priority.

In response to the electronic cigarette market is growing rapidly, scientists expanded the scope of the study, in order to provide more accurate information for managers. Electronic cigarette in the publicity claims, can greatly reduce the health hazards of smoking, but also will not reduce consumer demand for nicotine.

But a key problem is that the electronic cigarette is really safe? Many people are skeptical. After the separation of long-term smoking nicotine is safe for most people, except for pregnant women and some special populations.

However, nicotine is not entirely without harm flowing from the electronic cigarette smoking nicotine liquid or liquid is sprayed on the skin to absorb excessive smoking behavior will cause harm to the body.

Support or stifle

UK University of East London drugs and addictive behaviors research team leader Lynne Dawkins and others on the safety of electronic cigarettes and other tobacco alternatives are optimistic about the prospects that it can help people quit smoking. However, in many countries, the electronic cigarette as a smoking cessation aids are not allowed. In Britain, for example, the government requires that electronic cigarettes as drugs. The United States also prohibits direct promotion of electronic cigarettes to help quit smoking, but some smart companies will circumvent the ban by implication suggestive feedback or other information consumers.

So far, about the electronic cigarette “legend” numerous, but there is little evidence to prove it. Christopher Bullen Auckland University conducted a study – conducted randomized controlled trials of smokers found that electronic cigarettes on smoking cessation and nicotine patch roughly the same effect, the study results were published last year. However, critics believe that research limitations of access to information, it is difficult because investigators learned subjects when using the electronic cigarette, and you can not measure the subjects get way electronic cigarette. For the study participants, perhaps more than nicotine patches may obtain electronic cigarette is much more convenient.

In the present case the lack of long-term control experiments, the researchers switched focus to the network, hoping to collect data from the network, and to provide guidance for smokers. Dawkins and her team found that many people quit smoking through electronic cigarettes reported that their dependence on nicotine is reduced.

But opponents of electronic cigarettes also have their reasons. A study carried out this year in tracking the 949 smokers, the smokers will own habits hair online. The study found that quitting smoking electronic cigarette users tend to not greater tendency than other tobacco users to quit. Dawkins and other electronic cigarette supporters argue that this is because the electronic cigarette itself for heavy smokers who have a strong appeal, the survey does not reflect any problems.

Queen Mary University of London School of tobacco researcher Peter Hajek believes that the biggest problem is to rely on the electronic cigarette to quit smoking, nicotine former can provide is less than the amount of nicotine in tobacco tradition provided. Hajek said: “I think the electronic cigarette also need time to develop a five-year, if the manager does not intend to stifle it will be able to provide the content of electronic cigarettes and traditional tobacco nicotine as traditional tobacco will be eliminated..”

However, those who hold strict smoking attitudes will move any loose worried. Smoking is becoming increasingly difficult, for example, expressly provides that where the government can smoke and where not. Consumers may suck suck electronic cigarette but also to maintain a certain traditional tobacco nicotine intake, and this behavior will eventually hinder smoking goals.

Compared to heavy smokers who smoke while consumer electronics and traditional tobacco may not buy a lot of tobacco, which to some extent, help reduce the risk of cancer. However, even a low limit smoking also increases the risk of consumers suffering from cardiovascular disease.

Younger age groups

An electronic cigarette for the controversial thesis from the University of California, San Francisco Tobacco Control Research and Education Center director Stanton Glantz. March, Glantz and colleagues Lauren Dutra analyzed a survey of young people against the United States, found that the use of electronic cigarettes are more likely than other people who suck the traditional tobacco. They wrote: “The combination of our observations, the electronic cigarette users tend to be more severe smokers to stop smoking lower their likelihood of these results indicate that the electronic cigarette is worsening rather than improving young people question the existence of the tobacco epidemic. . “

Some people strongly criticized the paper to confuse correlation and causation. Siegel said:. “These researchers concluded that the data is not based on tenable” There is a strong correlation between smoking and electronic cigarettes despite severe, but it is not clear that the electronic cigarette smoking or lead to the opposite understanding.

Overall, Glantz said that under the premise of reasonable supervision, electronic cigarette might be a good thing; but it is clear that the current electronic cigarette is leading to a growing number of young people using nicotine, making them addicted to smoking.

One thing is that all the researchers agreed: When they are heated debate, the number of electronic cigarette users is constantly increasing. Compton said: “No matter how researchers think, obviously, the public is voting with their feet.”

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