Russian Space animal mating end of the experiment five full death gecko

Russian Foton-M4 scientific experimental satellite in September 1st successful return to the ground, but carrying five geckos have all died, which had five gecko mating experiments carried out in space.


The Foton-M4 scientific experimental satellite is equipped with five gecko, but these geckos are dead

According to foreign media reports, the Russian space agency on July 19 this year, the successful launch of a scientific experiment satellite called Foton-M4, and carrying a five geckos as the research object, Russian scientists trying to observe how gecko mating in space, scientific experimental satellite Fengyun course there are other test items, such as observed in some plants and insects under microgravity environment physiological phenomenon. Foton-M4 scientific experimental satellite has been successful in Sept. 1 return to the ground, scientists from the Institute of Biomedical Problems of the Russian Academy of Sciences, said the five experiments have been dead gecko, this also means that the highly anticipated gecko mating experiments in space drama tale ending ending.

Foton-M4 scientific experimental satellite in orbit flight accidents have occurred negligence associated ground control center was unable to get in touch with the satellite, then transferred to a satellite system automatic flight mode, the satellite ground system on the instructions are ignored, this may be Fengyun beginning of the experimental satellite unfortunate outcome. Fortunately, the ground control center a few days to re-establish contact with the satellite, ground instruction has been issued can perform satellite system. In addition to not contact the ground, but did not reach orbit altitude after Foton-M4 satellite launch design requirements, a month ago in which its orbital altitude of 250 kilometers, but Russian scientists hope to track height raised to 570 km or so.

The purpose of this experiment is to observe the gecko mating behavior in space, the video can be recorded by the gecko’s every move, after returning to the ground gecko scientists hoping to get pregnant individuals, and its detection was observed in space conception whether gecko changes in metabolism on assessing the impact of the space environment on gecko offspring. However, according to preliminary data analysis, we can already identify these geckos have died, the temperature control system failure may be the cause of the gecko can not survive, can not maintain the temperature of the incubator temperature control problems, these geckos will freeze to death.

Although the experiment did not let this item gecko safe return, but scientists at least gain some video, which records the image data gecko mating, these deaths gecko remains will be made into a mummy, this space gecko mating experiments on such an end. The satellite is still equipped with other organisms, such as Drosophila, mushrooms, etc., although gecko mating experiments did not achieve the desired results, the scientists can also look for useful information from other organisms. In fact, Russia’s space microgravity experiments animals has long been in 2007 will also be a number of insects, reptiles into orbit, that experiment has yielded some results.

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