To make and use tools is not necessarily the “people”

Currently, scientists, new research shows Cockatoo very smart, able to similar “senior” to learn how to make a wooden tool to get food, and their manufacturing technology beyond the “older generation.”


The latest research shows Cockatoo will provide “like their predecessors,” learning the skills of manufacturing wooden tools, cleverly get food.

According to foreign media reports, at present, a new study shows that not only long Cockatoo very beautiful, but also very smart, they will provide the same “senior” to learn how to make and use tools, and manufacturing technology will go beyond the “older generation.”

Oxford University researcher Alex – jammed Nick (Alex Kacelnik) professor said: “Cockatoo manufacturing technology will surpass their teachers, two years ago, he was surprised to find one called ‘Figaro’ in cockatoo in a cage in the mouth Diao peck wood, eventually creating a stick, very cleverly pulled the mouth of food. “

This unique manufacturing technology to make Figaro became the first known human parrot only create tools to make tools before scientists had thought that only humans can be achieved. Currently, Professor Nick jams latest research shows that other parrots by watching Figaro “carpenter course”, can learn to make and use tools.

Test results show that the other three male parrot learn how to make and use wooden sticks, and its manufacturing process beyond their teacher. Professor jammed Nick said: “We observed that the wooden tools and ‘students’ Figaro made to follow based on their method of manufacturing of wooden sticks, which indicates that there are significant differences even though the former is just a simple action, but later. via inter-group interaction, stimulate their creativity and manufacturing capabilities to produce a stick tool is more practical. “

Studies have shown that female cockatoo experiment was not successful, they seem worse than male creativity. This latest study, published in the latest issue of “Journal of the Royal Society B” on.

While many animals happen if found sticks and tools that will use them, but they rarely have the ability to manufacture tools. It is reported that, in addition to Cockatoo scientists conduct research and analysis, but also for the new Scottish crows and chimpanzees have been studied, the results show the new Scotland crows will create hooked stick, used to kill insects; chimpanzee teeth of the end of the stick Bite into a fan-shaped structure used to collect termites stabbed.

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