Eight new technology to your fingertips describe future

When it comes to the future of technology, people’s minds were first thought might be flying cars or so episodes immigrants Mars. While the future of distance as we seem very far away, but we should not ignore the development of science and technology today.

1 Battery


Battery technology over the past few decades has not been more significant development. But with the continued increase in popularity and the popularity of mobile phone electric vehicles, technology companies have invested heavily in research and development of battery technology. Therefore, the enormous progress in battery technology will appear first in the next year.

A recent advent of technology may make us in a whole new way to look at the battery. uBeam can transmit electricity in the air, like a Wi-Fi transmission data the same. Although limited to the same room, but most devices simply add a 5mm appendages can be compatible with the technology.

Scientists have also developed a gas can with water, sound and even urine batteries produce electricity. These technological achievements in the future so that we may be able to charge the phone without having to give up.

To charge the phone now or inevitable one thing, but there are some aspects of the new technological advances. StoreDot is a price of £ 20 charger, which can in half a minute of time to the mobile phone is fully charged. The Chargers are expected to be listed in 2016.

2 intelligent connection


Technology allows devices to communicate with each other now is not fresh. Yes, the smart home field is experiencing a flourish, but this is only the beginning.

Now, your family has intelligent enough to understand where you are now, and the house’s air-conditioning, lighting or music system to be adjusted to prepare your return based on the location of a cell phone or a car. Even your washing machine is also smart enough to be at the time you need to wash clothes. However, these are to be programmed there is help.

Nest smart thermostat so let us understand the future direction of the smart home. These devices will soon be able to calculate our needs, even in our own are still not aware of it before. Even outside the home and everything will be able to methodically run independently, without the need for any of our intervention. Whether autonomous vehicles carrying our work, pay various expenses or wireless.

3.3D Print


Another one is in the early stages of development of technology is 3D print. Currently, most 3D printers basically only the design and production of plastic parts. Although we have seen the aircraft engine metal parts or even a house 3D printing, but the ability of this technology in the future will be much more than that.

Recent research results allow scientists to print the human liver can quickly become a reality, since it is possible to match the patient’s DNA, so do not worry about the problem of rejection after transplantation, so users do not have to lifelong medication to ensure his body can accept the new liver .

With the kind of raw materials continues to enrich 3D printer, such as organic food, metal and flexible plastic are able to open new possibilities. Chemists are currently developing a basic material used to make almost anything machine. Imagine coming home each of them will be the existence of such a device, but it is necessary materials on the water, and now as common. Users need to do is download a variety of designs from the Internet, then you can free to create almost anything.

4 medical sensor


You may have noticed, including heart rate monitors, including health tracking sensors began to appear among such devices in mobile phones and watches. And this is just a beginning. In the future, science fiction movies have a versatile instrument which will appear in our lives.

Our future mobile phones, smart watches, and even the presence of subcutaneous implants which will trace a complete health package, so that doctors can continue to track the patient, and immediately respond to any need.

For example, people with diabetes will be through a more convenient way to conduct their own blood glucose levels continuously monitored, but not like now to tie your fingers. Or that when you diet and excessive burden on the heart, your doctor can know it, and to send you a reminder. Since the future doctors may be just the software only, you can control the level of feedback.

The next step is for the body’s feedback and affect. Scientists have developed a need to produce a few degrees of temperature change can change the entire body of a small device. In the future, we may no longer need the air conditioning.

5 AI assistant


In the future, we see Siri, Cortana and Google Now virtual assistants these ways and we will now look at a few decades ago the computer. All the technology giants are now devoted to the research and development of artificial intelligence assistant which it can only help the development of smart home, and perhaps will replace Google as an Internet search center.

Google acquired the mobile information artificial intelligence assistant Emu, Apple reportedly also developing a user can act as “third hand” of the desktop version of Siri, but Microsoft wants to make Cortana work like a real assistant that. Although they also experienced a very long road of development, but the field of artificial intelligence has been huge investment, they may not be long before it becomes more real.

Cyc is a computer intelligence system recently released, but in the past 30 years, it has secretly engaged in learning. The result is that it can engage them from a person understand his implication between the lines.

6 virtual currency


Replaced with virtual currency real money will finance a huge impact, and this has already happened. Bitcoin provides an anonymous way to shop online, but the development is not limited to the field. PayPal allows contactless payments become more relaxed, people do not hold the purse alone since smartphones can buy things. Again, this change is not limited to this.

Public chip is a new model being affected business areas. Inventor need not succumb to others can make their project a reality.

Subscribe to pay is a remarkable model, which is clearly the head of the music industry. After users pay a monthly subscription fee which will be able to enjoy the music library of songs.

7 nanoscale manufacturing


At the molecular level of an object class manufacturing is the next revolution in the industry. This allows different molecules can respond to a material to become a reality. For example, a technique to produce artificial drugs may identify particular virus and allowed to become inert.

Nanomachines can play a tremendous impact not only in the medical field, the real world of smart materials for this there is great demand. With this technology, to produce materials with self-healing will no longer be a difficult task.

Nano-sensors have a very large value, it is because they are able to external elements (such as light) made to reflect and only when needed before opening the appropriate machine. Therefore, in the light dimmed light sensor only time will turn your hallway lights.

Have the ability to self-replicating nano-robots have the ability to become the future of medical health. These small devices located inside the human body can manually manage the health system, and before the host himself known to fix the problem.

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