U.S. scientists have developed a surgical robot woman

Pushing Hands “Da Vinci” robotic surgical system, Moore claimed to be “born tinkerer,” from her high school to work by bicycle, repair brake parts begin, the New Zealand-born surgeon and inventor, and gradually into the repair work surprisingly high art.


Pushing Hands “Da Vinci” robotic surgical system mole

According to Taiwan’s “Economic Daily” reported that Pushing Hands “Da Vinci” robotic surgical system Moore (Catherine Mohr) claimed to be “born tinkerer,” from her high school to work by bicycle, repair brake parts begin, the New Zealand-born surgeon and inventor, repair work gradually into amazing high art.

Headquartered in Silicon Valley, Sunnyvale intuition surgery company (Intuitive Surgical) is the “Da Vinci” robotic surgical systems manufacturer, carry the heavy responsibility of Moore, research director for both the advanced robotic surgical technology, medicine and high-tech erected bridge.

Implemented with robotic arm surgery, has been making waves in the medical community, regulatory issues and cost-effectiveness concerns, but also intuitive operation last year was dragged down the company share price. However, the company recently launched a new version of “Da Vinci” robotic arm, plans to expand into new areas of operation, recently the stock has turned around.

Moore believes the robot can be extended surgeon, to provide a clearer perspective, precision and sensitivity, the doctors still rely on professional remote operation. This fine machine system can be used as a proxy arm physicians, physician in accordance with hand movements to complete a fine surgical procedure.

Moore continued to explore new technologies to enhance the effectiveness of surgery, future studies using a special fluorescent dye to mark human tissues, such as lymph nodes and blood vessels, help physicians to break through the machine where the naked eye can not see. View the proliferation of such technology to the extent of cancer cells helps a lot, like in the body using GPS satellite positioning technology. With the shrinking hardware, invade a sense of minimally invasive surgery tools will be increasingly reduced.

According to reports, Moore was born science family, the father is a biochemist and his mother was biostatistician, the father of her child to the United States engaged in postdoctoral research, since his family settled in the United States; but she never thought of entering the medical field.

She especially liked the dismantling items experimental class at school, starting from her line of work to the bike, they think they are born tinkerer, she loves cycling, but also a passion for machinery. Knowledge and ability to get through the dismantling let Moore fascinated, almost everything has a set pattern.

Moore originally majored in chemistry, dreams of being a university professor, but she found that she was born tinkerer, then abandon chemistry, engineering change into the embrace. She spent more than college built electric car above, they themselves would race, then decided to give up a doctorate in favor for the legendary racing car designer-cum Mirren (Rod Millen) to build electric cars, as a project manager.

Technology career development often start with an ordinary engineer rose to the project manager and then vice president of the department when, in management. This process appears to be natural, however, but Moore was not happy.

Moore has implemented experimental observations friend surgery, they are testing a new device, but unfortunately failed, so these surgeons repeated discussions with technology experts, hoping to find out why, with one out scientific and technical terms, and those who use the medicine jargon.

This experience made her find themselves interested in the human body repair technology, but the design of medical devices just can not make her feel satisfied, she would also like to participate in surgical work, then enter the Stanford medical school.

Moore’s husband in 2001 in intuition surgery company, when the company is developing “Da Vinci” surgical system machine, so she witnessed part of the development process, and suggested that a surgeon trial “da Vinci” system. Later, the company hired her as a consultant, after she graduated in technical upgrading and product development work, from the field of robotics into surgery.

Moore believes that human beings should continue to try new things, so three years ago, started to learn the cello. She loves cooking, from basic food to molecular cooking are covered, and even homemade yogurt, but also for the home garden to build wastewater reuse irrigation systems.

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