Scientists in California found a rare meteorite material components of life

Scientists in California found a mysterious meteorite, meteorite through the extraction method extracted from organic (life) chemical substances, suggesting extraterrestrial life on Earth may be derived from meteorites.


Life on Earth may have originated in the meteorite fragments within the solar system, when these objects bring life material into a suitable planet’s surface environment, you can continue to evolve

According to foreign media reports, scientists in California to collect some of the strange meteorite fragments, the time for the 2012 April 24, two months after scientists issued a report on the mysterious meteorite reports, which referred to a total of 77 meteorite fragments blocks, also found some unexpected ingredients: organic molecules of life. This situation did not in the previous survey found meteorite, which means last meteorite crashed in California is a special object. Around our planet, there are a lot of tiny objects, which have thousands of asteroids and other NEOs orbit near the Earth through their different sizes, some debris is sufficient to cause the destruction of a city on the planet, and some will be in the atmosphere burnt, scientists think asteroids and other celestial bodies to carry information about the origin of the solar system, where there is hidden the mystery of life.

A dazzling fireball lit up the night sky in California, researchers from the fragments obtained some information about the origin of life, or even be able to interpret the earth from where the mystery of life in the end. Located between Jupiter and Mars, the asteroid belt has numerous pieces tiny fragments of celestial bodies, scientists believe that some meteorites may carry a wealth of organic material, including some found on Earth’s early life substances. From Arizona State University biochemist Sandra Sandra Pizzarello think through our research found that the origin of life on Earth may come from these extraterrestrial objects such as meteorites and comets, since the origin of life is still complete no clue, so This idea has its merits. This Sandra Sandra Pizzarello and her colleagues analyzed data from the California collected meteorite fragments, solvent extracted through some meteorites contain organic substances.

Scientists believe that life on Earth may have come from these wandering in space of organic molecules of life, because these objects on the temperature is very low, so you can save the life of a certain degree of molecular, meteorite or comet crashed when the planets and satellites, if the case suitable environment will evolve into the primary life. The researchers tried to mimic the environment of the early Earth hydrothermal vents conditions, the survey whether these molecules of life in such environments exist and continue to evolve. Survey results show that meteorites carrying organic material into the celestial surface environment is very likely, the results published in the September 9 of the U.S. National Academy of Sciences.

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