Shark attack like men and Surfers

Scientists found that some sharks prefer aggressive men attacked the probability of male shark attack is nine times higher than women, surfers also vulnerable to shark attacks.


Scientists of the past three decades the world’s shark attack statistics, shark attacks like men prefer

According to foreign media reports, the shark is an aggressive marine life, shark attacks, some strong, has not easily attack humans, but scientists have found that some sharks prefer aggressive attack men, compared to women , the probability of male shark attack is nine times higher than women, the sample of this survey was attacked from events worldwide shark. Shark attacks in addition to love men, but also prefer to attack surfers, compared to other water recreation projects, surfing more vulnerable to shark attacks, if the diver, then the site of a shark attack is more head and torso , study personnel for Australian scientists.

Jaws is one of the largest carnivorous marine organisms on Earth, with an average body length of up to 4.6 meters, researchers have found that up to 6 meters in length the great white shark, weighing up to 2268 kg, 2 tons more weight capability in the ocean. When the great white shark attack seals can produce up to 50G impact, enough to seal an instant loss of consciousness, so that they can easily catch prey. Researchers from the University Queensland’s bond think diving is not a good idea to take a long time to stay in the water because of diving, and the depth of the water layer Jaws favorite activities, and therefore more vulnerable to the great white shark attack.

In the past thirty years, the number of unprovoked shark bites a threefold increase in the Australian region recorded 32 fatal shark bite incident, while the United States is 25 onwards, South Africa has 28 cases, of course, in shark attacks does not mean that is fatal, from 1982 to 2011, Australia played a total of 171 shark attacks in the United States for 769 plays, 132 from South Africa, although the death toll is the highest in Australia, but not the greatest probability of death , the number of shark attacks off the coast of Mauritius also higher.

Australia have become prone to shark attacks, and the highest death rate is more attractive because the water here, and many people like to dive here, which increases the frequency of shark attacks invisible, in addition to surfing enthusiasts gather in Australia waters, compared to other water projects, surfing is also vulnerable to shark attacks, while Australian waters shark type and size is also a key factor. Scientists believe that although shark attacks continue to rise, but still a rare event, in between 2001-2005, about 129 people drowned while surfing.

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