Google will launch intelligent robots have the ability to think independently

Currently, Google the company and senior physicist John – Marty Nice cooperation, working together to develop a quantum computer processor, the future or will launch intelligent robots have the ability to think independently.


Google CEO Larry – Patch announced that the company will focus on the development of ultra-fast “quantum computer chips,” the future will achieve robot has human ability to think independently.

According to foreign media reports, the current computer data is represented by 1 and 0, however, quantum computers can use subatomic particles encoded data. Experts believe that also has two states of qubits, can significantly improve the computing speed and power. Currently, the Google company teamed up with scientists to develop a quantum level computer processors, expected future human-like robot, “independent thinking.”

University of California, Santa Barbara physicist John – Marty Nice (John Martinis) is one of the senior researcher in artificial intelligence, he established partnerships with Google company to conduct research work in quantum Artificial Intelligence Laboratory.

Google’s engineering director Hal Mutter – text (Hartmut Neven) said: “The Quantum Artificial Intelligence Laboratory is now able to implement and test quantum optimization and the latest design inference processors.”

Currently, Google the company is committed to autonomous vehicles and robotics research in recent years began to increasingly focus on artificial intelligence techniques. January of this year, Google’s acquisition of DeepMind Technologies artificial intelligence company, one of DeepMind Technologies founder, neuroscientist Demis – Hasa Bies (Demis Hassabis) two years ago and have tried to develop as human beings to think like a computer.

However, DeepMind Technologies, another founder Shane – Craig (Shane Leg) warned that artificial intelligence is one of the most dangerous technology of this century, think it will lead to human extinction.

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