Australia found that the two mushroom-shaped submarine of unknown biological

Currently, scientists discovered two mysterious undersea creatures in Australia, which looks a lot like mushrooms, may be a close relative of the biological species extinction 600 million years ago.


Both the outer layer of the skin mysterious species, exist within the stomach, between the material layers like jelly interval.

According to foreign media reports, at present, the researchers found two strange mushroom-like creatures in the Australian seabed, just like it comes from a mysterious alien creatures.

These two strange creatures similar to the mushroom-shaped structure containing the outer layer of the skin and internal stomach, between the thick and dense material layer spacing similar to jelly.

Scientists speculate that they are close relatives of ancient extinct species 600 million years ago, they were in the 1986 Australian Bass Strait and the eastern Tasmania 400 and 1000 meters deep seabed organisms collected at present, the two researchers Research Reports kinds Dendrogramma species published in the recent issue of “PLoS comprehensive” magazine.

The two new species were named creatures Dendrogramma enigmatica and Dendrogramma discoides, University of Copenhagen, Denmark, senior scientist Joe Root – Olson (Jorgen Oleson) Dr. said: “The discovery of these two in the seabed mushroom-shaped creatures, do not match any biological populations have been identified. “

Current evidence suggests that these two new species of early evolution of life on behalf of the branch, which is similar to the extinction 600 million years ago, the Ediacaran fauna.

Ediacaran fauna is a very unique software creatures, they are derived from the Proterozoic period, its presence in the fossil imprinted into the sandstone layer.

Scientists believe that the Ediacaran fauna represents an important milestone in the evolution of life on Earth, they exist prior to the explosive growth of the early Cambrian period 541 million years ago, life. The researchers plan to start new exploration projects, find other species like mushroom-shaped organisms on the seabed.

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