Grandfather Paradox weird quantum physics or explain physics

Through the study of the physics of quantum physicists found that we can resolve the issue by the grandfather paradox of quantum physics, which is one of the most bizarre idea of a physics experiment.


According to foreign media reports, the establishment of quantum physics is considered one of the last century’s most successful theory, after a perfect master of the few quantum theory has been evolved over a hundred years, although most scientists believe quantum physics lead the direction of development of physics, but the theory derived macro explain many strange and paradoxical causes many problems, but at the same time the theory in line with current experimental results, this is where the magic of quantum physics, see like the ambiguity of interpretation was able to really solve the problem. Some physicists believe that quantum physics can even solve the most bizarre history of physics thought experiment: the grandfather paradox.

Formation originated grandfather paradox exists in time travel special solution also means that we may return to the past, but if we go back to the past and kill your grandfather, then you are in what position in time and space? From logic This can not occur speaking, if your grandfather killed, then your father can not occur, so you will not come to this world; another way, if you do not come to this world, then it means that your grandfather will not die, because no one except you will go to kill him, and turned to look, if your grandfather is not dead, why you would not be? So this issue into irreconcilable The endless loop.

Paradox formation premise is that you have a chance to return to the past, that time travel once, then indistinct relations between you and your grandfather, physicists believe that quantum physics can solve this problem, although When we can not enter a closed class of curves back to the past, but based on the theory of quantum physics can be considered on the basis of a quantum superposition can either be time travel, but also eliminate the paradox of contradictory solutions photons can go back at any when they are in a superposition state, some conflict with the event, some do not, so the paradox is likely to be avoided.

For physicists, this is like an electron orbital position obey probability distributions exist as electronic and no fixed orbit, but it is larger in terms of the probability of this position appears, empathy superposition state when we can by probability theory to avoid entering the paradox. The behavior of particles in quantum physics offers the possibility of open and closed space, open space, paradox problem is likely to be resolved.

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