Dedication to the cause of life for the space nameless animal astronauts

A variety of animals to be sent into space to explore, Americans chose monkeys, while Russians prefer dogs, but final results are not very optimistic.


Lizards, chimpanzees and dogs and other animals have become unsung heroes of human space exploration

Russian satellite Phonton-M4 return to Earth earlier this week, but followed a group of lizards into space have all died, which is the name of the animal in order to explore the universe at the expense of a recent case columns. However, they mummified body indicates that they must be about a week before the return of death, cause of the test failure may be faulty equipment or life support systems on the spacecraft that may arise.

Spokesman told Itar-Tass, said:. “Hypothermia is not the main reason, but only one of them,” Interestingly, the same as the experimental part of a group of flies actually survived, and even be able to reproduce. Some animals displayed extreme environments in the universe stronger than other animals out of the ability to adapt, but it also is not the first example.

The idea of ​​animals sent into space began in 1948. Albert was named one of ordinary monkeys trapped in the V-2 rocket at White Sands Missile Base in New Mexico sent in, Albert ultimately did not survive to participate in the follow-up V-2 rocket mission of the other three monkeys have not been spared. At that time the rocket test is a sensitive topic, all of these primates in space pioneer’s name was not made public.

This situation began to change in 1952, a man named Yorick’s monkey and 11 mice contained an Air Force missile successfully flew multiply 236,000 feet in height. Hero of the Soviet space program was in 1957 the first dog named Laika the dog, this is the first time take the No. Sputnik2 animal flying around the Earth, unfortunately, Laika did not survive.

United States chose to experiment with primates, such as chimpanzees first one into space Ham and squirrel monkey Gordo. 1960s, the rapid development of space exploration began, the Russians still do experiments with dogs, Belka and Strelka so the Soviet Union at that time become a household name.

Competition in space exploration, the United States and the Soviet Union eventually will choose a wide variety of animals to test these are just part of the space, weightlessness and ionizing radiation effects, rabbits, mice, fruit flies, turtle, quail eggs, nematodes. But the most amazing is that in 2008 scientists discovered that animals slowly, or “water bears worm”, not only to survive in the spacecraft, and also be able to survive in the cold vacuum of space. This life in the harsh environment of the gutter slowly animals has become a true survivor space exploration.

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