Artificial intelligence technology will manage future military fighter

Pentagon officials said the future of the American fighter may have artificial intelligence system, autonomous landing on an aircraft carrier, no pilots will be able to perform the task.


American generation fighter will more use of artificial intelligence technology, there may be someone with unmanned mixed version

Future fighter Findler? Pentagon officials said the future of the U.S. military fighter may be robot control, at least the introduction of artificial intelligence control, the technology will be applied to the Navy’s next-generation carrier-based fighter, the Air Force models will be used. With artificial intelligence technology, the future of fighter combat missions broader, more combat, although future fighter has such a strong attack, but at the earliest in 2030. I hope the next generation does not need the United States Navy fighter pilot, is controlled entirely by the computer, it could be someone with no joint version.

Naval Academy’s commander believes that the future of artificial intelligence technology will replace the existing fleet of Super Hornet fighters and F-22 fighter jets, its serving time may be 20 years later, the technical potential is enormous artificial intelligence, future fighter will use similar human skin, can be perceived around the “world”, the engineers from BAE Systems is designing this intelligent skin, in fact it is a kind of advanced sensors, wind speed, air temperature, the body’s fatigue testing, and reports the current state of fighters, so this smart skin readable various environmental parameters, Air Force and Navy engineers also hope experts from Silicon Valley can intervene sixth-generation fighter design.

Also present were American fighter pilot study future technology, such as using X-47B unmanned aircraft for testing, proof of artificial intelligence can play a leading role in landing and landing, X-47B unmanned aircraft do not need ground operations personnel landing on an aircraft carrier may be, it has a certain amount of artificial intelligence system that can do some simple movements without the need for operator intervention, such conduct landing operations. Although artificial intelligence has been developed, but there is a certain distance from the practical to X-47B unmanned aircraft as an example, can not be used in combat, the current configuration can only be done on the ground attack, this process also requires remote control.

Artificial Intelligence in the true sense of the target can be independently analyzed, and select a larger target attacking threat, able to complete the entire process without human intervention, but there are also ethical issues of artificial intelligence machines, giving the killer machine so powerful smart technology, it means that they may mercilessly attack the enemy, killing vital forces without being moral constraints, so the killer machines with artificial intelligence research and development has also been banned.

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