The universe is a hologram sheets: everything is just a two-dimensional plane coding?

U.S. Department of Energy’s Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory conducted a special experiment called Holometer, has started collecting data, trying to answer some of the problems of the universe – including “Do we live in a cosmic hologram being” .

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Beijing on the 9th, according to foreign media reports, the U.S. Department of Energy’s Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory (Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory) conducted a special experiment called Holometer, has started collecting data to try to answer some of the universe challenges – including “Do we live in a universe hologram (hologram) being.” Like a television screen from 2D seems you can see the 3D world, we feel the 3D space may be just an illusion. All information in our universe may be just a two-dimensional plane coding only.

If you are close enough to the TV screen, you will see one by one pixel, which makes it possible to see a pixel image seamless normal when you stand away. Scientists believe that the information and perhaps save the universe through a similar way, the natural “pixel size” is about more than a 10 trillion trillion times smaller atomic physicists called the Planck scale (Planck scale).

Director of Fermilab Particle Astrophysics Center Craig Hogan (Craig Hogan) said: “We want to know whether the same space and time as if the substance is a quantum system to study all progress will completely change our thousands. For years, the understanding of space. “

Quantum theory suggests that we can not simultaneously know the exact position and exact velocity of a subatomic particle. If space into the 2D plane and contains limited information on the exact location, then the space itself will fall into the same uncertainty theory. Substance even at the absolute zero will produce vibration, if the same, then the two-dimensional space, even in the lowest energy state will produce vibration.

Essentially, the experiment in the detection limit ability to store information universe. If there is one set of data can tell you that there is something somewhere, but you can not find a more precise location information, even in theory, can not do it. Instruments used in this experiment is Fermilab Holometer, which is holographic interferometer (holographic interferometer), is by far the quantum jitter measurement space most sensitive equipment.

“Holographic noise” (Holographic noise) is expected to appear in all the bands, but the challenge facing scientists is how to distinguish vibration and other sources. Holometer high test frequency, the normal movement of the material is not easy to cause problems. However, the dominant noise in the background is mainly due to electrons emitted radio waves nearby. In experiments designed to identify and eliminate the conventional sources of noise.

Fermilab physicist, the project’s chief scientist Holometer Alan weeks (Aaron Chou) said: “If you find the noise can not be eliminated, then we may find the noise inherent in time and space for physics for this. an exciting time. If successful, it will open a whole new understanding of space. “

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