Survival transparent animals: With the ability to avoid predators stealth

Transparent skin helps to better integrate these animals to their habitats. Stealth skin often become prey for these animals provided some favorable conditions, because it can help them from predators success blink of an eye away.

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According to foreign media reports, from fish to frogs, many of the most fascinating animals in the world have clear skin. Although scientists are not entirely clear how these animals evolved transparent features, but they believe that a transparent skin helps these animals to better integrate into their habitat. Stealth skin often become prey for these animals provided some favorable conditions, because it can help them from predators success blink of an eye away.

“Scientific American” writer, but also a scientist Sonic – Johnson said, almost all have no teeth, toxins, or the ability to quickly away from predators marine animals, have a certain degree of stealth capability. In one study, he wrote: “In fact, only in the depths of the ocean sun exposure than ever, transparent substance was not common.” Many animals will depend on transparent stealth capabilities to ensure their own safety, can penetrate The number of the sun in their body to between 20% and 90%. Compared with smaller animals, larger animals generally have a more transparent organization, and those living in approximately 2,460 feet (750 meters) underwater animals, its transparency transparency would like to see those animals in the water, like .

These extraordinary pictures by many photographers around the world shooting. Among them there was a two-spotted rays, also known as the big gray skate (in the San Pedro Bay, California discovered), and a glass wing butterfly, while Ecuador found it, it was sitting on a leaf rest. In Spanish, this butterfly also known as espejitos, meaning mirror. Fleischmann glass frog is in cloud forests of South America where native animals. It has a very bright green transparent skin, it is important organs of the body are clearly visible. Transparency is common in ocean animals, those animals that live in the ocean or a lake inside. Such animals of different sizes, the smallest is only one inch long, the largest bigger than a basketball. People occasionally things through their stomach or their occasional flash of color (or iris) find them, but often, even if only a few inches apart, basically it is difficult to find them on the scene.

The main advantage of the open sea with a transparent characteristics, is it from all the depth and angle provide good camouflage for these animals. Some animals also their transparent characteristics such as weapons. For example, similar to the jellyfish Aequorea jellyfish with juvenile fish and shrimp that looks like the colors have a stinger organs. Trying to eat these “small fish” predators will soon killed, because they are difficult to perceive the presence of the connected volume greater transparency animals. Some jellyfish and other gelatinous substance by underwater animals, which in addition to camouflage effect, there are many other benefits. In the water, this material is mainly with compression effect, so these animals can survive at high pressure environment of the deep sea, but there are sufficient buoyancy gelatinous substance that allows them to easily float in the water. And this material is not life, so food can be transparent animals rarely survive long. However, when these animals came across the case of excess nutrients, and they will be able to grow at an alarming rate and multiply, causing spray area – appeared hundreds of millions of individuals in a relatively small space.

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