US Strategic Command confirmed that Russian satellite in the United States exploded over

A spokesman confirmed that the United States Strategic Command, said last week that Russia’s reconnaissance satellites “cosmic -2495” entered the atmosphere and exploded over the United States.


Local time on September 12, a U.S. Strategic Command spokesman confirmed that last week, the Russian reconnaissance satellites “cosmic -2495” entered the atmosphere and exploded over the United States. The spokesman said: “The local time on September 3, United States Strategic Command confirmed Russia’s” Universe -2495 “satellite re-entry, and the goal of eliminating the satellite from the American satellite catalog.”

Russian Defense Ministry spokesman Major-General Igor Kona Shen Kefu on the 10th, said: “Russia is still in the normal operation of satellites, air and space defense forces have been using the space target monitoring means for monitoring the so-called representatives of the American Association of meteorites might be. The Miles altitude observed luminescence phenomena identified as Russian military satellite. “

Russia’s “Universe -2495” military reconnaissance satellite was in May this year launched from the Plesetsk Cosmodrome, Russia has not released details of the satellites.

The famous American space experts said Jonathan McDowell, it belongs to “cobalt -M” series of military satellites, reconnaissance and land with advanced mapping capabilities. Beginning in 2004, the satellite launch, there are currently eight in orbit.

“Cobalt -M” satellite, weighing 6.6 tons, the satellite orbit between 241 km above the Earth -482 public when carrying high-resolution camera can shoot global goals, you can take military installations, troop movements and other targets. Satellite will be able to perform tasks in shooting photos back to Earth.

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