Europa or in the solar system has a unique ice shell plate

Johns Hopkins University scientists have speculated that there may be a huge plate beneath Europa’s ice shell, there could be water ice mixed region between the plates.


Europa’s surface distribution of the thick ice, we can see there were many cracks in the ice

According to foreign media reports, the Europa is one of Jupiter’s satellites, scientists believe that life is likely to exist on the satellite, because there is a huge ice on Europa, a frozen world, can be in the role of tidal forces of Jupiter the formation of an internal heat source, the scientists speculate that liquid water ice mixture to a depth should exist on Europa, perhaps even the existence of swimming creatures. Recently, a new study has further deepened the understanding of scientists Europa detector data show that there may be a huge plate beneath Europa’s ice shell, if this finding is confirmed, then the Europa is even more similar to Earth , and is the only planet in the solar system in addition to the existence of plate tectonics objects.

Researchers from the University of Iowa’s Simon think from the perspective of science or geology, this is very strange, the earth, though they have plate tectonics, but not unique in the solar system, plate tectonics may also exist on Europa, Scientists even more curious is that Europa’s ice shell plate is not the rock, but is composed of ice, which may be unique in the solar system celestial structure. Not long ago, scientists also discovered Antarctica Europa jet plumes, this finding is very important for astrobiologists because we have the opportunity to come into contact with a liquid substance beneath Europa’s thick ice, by This channel indirectly speculate whether there is life on Europa.

Applied Physics Laboratory of Johns Hopkins University, the project scientist in charge of this investigation, the researchers through more than a decade ago on the Galileo probe sent back pictures of Europa study Between 1995-2003, NASA’s Galileo probe to Jupiter and its satellite system for the detection, and send back a lot of Europa related photos. Through these images the researchers reconstructed the surface topography of Europa, an area of ​​about 134,000 square kilometers, nearly the size of Alabama, over time, the scientists also found that there are some changes in the surface of Europa.

Europa’s ice shell plates for scientists observed a huge area to move, thereby associate the movement of tectonic plates, in fact, also known as the plates slide, which also implies that there is considerable Europa internal energy source, may be associated with Jupiter’s powerful tidal forces concerned, in the vicinity of the plate boundary there could be water ice mixed substance regional, local scientists are very interested in here is because liquid water environment is very important for life, there may survive can live in water extraterrestrial life.

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