Special substances can inhibit human skin mosquitoes bite humans

U.S. scientists found that human skin to release some special substances, as “Mosquito invisibility cloak” to avoid mosquito bites humans.


U.S. scientists are committed to research to prevent mosquito bites “invisibility cloak” and found human skin there are some special substances can inhibit mosquito bites human

According to the British Daily Mail reported that at present, U.S. scientists developed “Mosquito invisibility cloak” to avoid humans, pets and livestock against mosquito bites and disease transmission.

The researchers found that certain substances in the human skin can mosquitoes sense of smell, to avoid becoming the next bitten. Scientists believe that this latest study helps to solve the deadly mosquito-borne disease problems, such as: malaria, about 1 million deaths annually.

The American Chemical Society National Meeting & Exposition, chemist Ulrich – Bernie (Ulrich Bernier) said: “The mosquito bites are not only annoying fellow human beings, and even spread to humans and other animals, fatal disease.” Mosquito bites cause U.S. encephalitis spread of a rare, and even spread to pet cats and dogs. Bernie emphasized that previously repellents are the main measures to prevent mosquito bites.

Usually people measure is the use of insect repellent insect repellent, mosquito amines, it is very effective, long-term use, but some people do not like the smell of insect repellent. Bernie explained that we are exploring different ways to use the material affect mosquito olfactory senses, unable to detect if a mosquito bites the next object to prepare, they will no longer be a buzzing sound, will not fall on your body the bites.

Female mosquitoes feed on blood to get protein to maintain manufacturing fertilized, they are able to sniff at 30 meters beyond the human. Dr. Bernie explained, the body odor from the skin hundreds of mixtures of many substances are released through sweat out some other manufactured by bacteria.

In order to identify what substances attract mosquitoes human skin, Bernie and the American Institute of Agricultural Sciences colleagues used a special mosquito cages and screens the experiment. They sprayed the side of the cage of different substances, demonstrates the effect of attracting mosquitoes, such as lactic acid and some other human sweat, a common ingredient is very clear to attract mosquitoes, attracting 90% of the mosquitoes to the screen on. While other substances, forced mosquitoes confused. Dr. Bernie said: “If you will be placed in his hands mosquito cage, restrain the release of some substances, the hand does not appear to be bite marks.”

We call this phenomenon is called anosmia or hyposmia disease – the senses of smell diminished capacity, Bernie pointed out that human skin 1-methylpiperzine other chemical ingredients can effectively block the mosquito’s ability to smell, which would help explain why mosquitoes bite some people, but not bite others. In pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, lotions, clothing containing these substances inhibit mosquito activity can play a role.

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